Radically sustainable, transparent and future-proof cotton

Growing cotton is a dirty business. Today, the crop requires a huge amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides which threatens our ecosystems and contributes to water scarcity. On top of that, this opaque industry supports poor working conditions and relies on a linear supply chain from field to landfill.

But good cotton doesn’t have to cost the earth, so Ed, Ed and I are on a mission to grow this amazing plant better. By preventing the waste of agricultural inputs and optimising their delivery, we're aiming to reduce the volume of water and fertiliser used by up to 80%. And we're doing this in a transparent way, which means we can track all the resources going into its production.

We’re currently growing cotton in our research facilities just outside London and refining our technology, while also collaborating with fashion brands and mills to bring the sustainable fibre to market.

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