Challenging ideals of the self

The notion of perfection has been one of mankind’s utopian pursuits for millennia. In a society where every action and every move can be under scrutiny, this ambitious aim remains particularly relevant today. In this workshop organised by the Takram Academy, we used Jørgen Leth’s Det Perfeckte Menneske as a starting point to dissect the concept of perfection and we challenged it through the physical and superficial exploration of my body.

[Re]Discovering a body

People are not perfect, nature is not perfect, nothing is perfect. Imperfections, errors, flaws, doubts forge our identities and define us as human beings. We examined the features that would generally be seen as an imperfections on my body. This cathartic exploratory experience of discovery and acceptance aimed to bring another perspective to common ideals.

Navigating the flaws

As a way to engage the viewers in the discovery of imperfections, we worked on creating an interactive topographic map. To challenge the highly subjective notion, we transformed a collage of abnormalities found on my body into an abstract extraterrestrial landscape that we could travel through.

Weekend group project in collaboration with Yena and Tom - To be continued...
2015 | Takram Academy